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I'm not sure why the Dynam SR Trainer caught my eye -- but it did.  When it went on sale and there was an additional 11% off for the Veterans Day Sale at Nitroplanes (Hey I'm a vet!) I added it to my collection.



The SR Trainer is a model of the Cirrus SR 22.  The SR is a popular general aviation airplane known for its long slender wings, smooth lines and high tech composite construction.  It also has a really spaceaged glass cockpit option with all kinds of fancy aeronautical technology. On the down side, two of the full scale versions have crashed near were I live in the last several months.


A couple of days after I ordered the SR Trainer, it arrived at my door in a large cardboard shipping container.  The container looked like I may have gotten hit with the blade of a hand truck as it had a 4 - 5 inch slice on one side. Fortunately, the shipping container took the brunt of the blow and there was no damage inside. The colorful retail box held three attitional cardboard boxes. One held the fuselage, on held the wings and tail feathers and the third held the plastic parts bag and prop. I purchased the ARF model so there was no transmitter, battery or charger.


The SR Trainer has only a couple of parts.  The horizontal stabilzer glues to the fuselage, the two wing halfs glue together and mount to the fuselage with a mounting tab on the front and screw on the back. Last but not least, a nose cowling covers the motor and ESC on the nose. I chose to mount the optional flaps so that took a few extra minutes.


I also decided I would get to know my new Sony Handycam so I did a video build log that you will find below.  It fully describes the assembly process. It is done in three parts -- Part 1 Overview and Fuselage Assembly, Part 2 Wings and Flaps, Part 3 Final Assembly and Comments.


Use the full screen icon on the player to better view the assembly.


Part 1  Overview and Fuselage Assembly



Part 2 Wings and Flaps



Part 3  Final Assembly and Comments.




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