You are welcome to make a contribution to RC  Contributions should be labeled with the category you believe the contribution best fits such as models, tools, vendors, etc. Keep in mind that RC Planeviews focuses on electric models and products that support electric modeling. Just because there isn't a topic on the menu about your product, doesn't mean there can't be.

Contributions should be based on your experience with the product or service provider. As described on the welcome page, your review should reflect your experience over a period of time. We’re all interested in how the product performed and how you feel about the product after using it for a while. Is it reliable? Did it do what it was advertised to do? Was it easy to understand/use/modify etc?

Here are a couple of elements you might want to consider for your review:

· Product name
· Where you got it
· How much you paid for it
· Product specifications (size, weight, etc)
· Your experience level as pilot and/or builder
· Ease of assembly (for models)
· Quality in instructions or supporting documentation
· How well did it fly?
· Was it easy to use or install? (for gadgets or motors)
· How reliable has it been?

If you are reviewing a model, you may include an abbreviated build log if you’d like. You may also include pictures. Please keep the size down. Web photos don’t have to have high dpi or color depth. If you’d like to include a video as part of your review, please publish it to YouTube with permission to link to external sites. Give us your user name and file name and we’ll link to it.

Additional reviews to models already on the site are also welcome. Please customize your review to avoid duplicating things like specifications if they are included in the previous review. Focus on your experience with the product and its reliability, etc.

By submitting a review and photos you specify that you have the rights to the materials and you give us permission to publish it.

Email your contribution as a Microsoft Word document with any photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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