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Having been bitten by the EDF bug, a sale on the Dynam Turbojet was too much to resist. This also proved a great project to try a video build log. With that in mind, I've made a couple of notes here but the primary build log is in the videos below.

The ARF version of the model arrived at my door just a couple of days after placing my order. The shipping carton had some scuffs and one cut along one side. Getting the retail packaging out of the carton showed no damage. So far, so good.  Opening the package I found the wings in a separate box and the fuselage laying atop them.  The plastic parts kit was in a smaller box that also had the role of spacer.  A second spacer box helped keep the front of the fuselage in the proper position. It was empty but probably would have held the charger and battery if I'd ordered the RTF version.


Turbojet Kit Turbojet Instructions
Turbojet Turbojet Airborne


As with many Dynam models, the parts count was low.  In this case the the main parts included only the two wing halves the horizontal stabilized halves, the vertical stabilizer and the fuselage. The horizontal stabilizer halves glued to the vertical stabilizer and that assembly screwed into the fuselage. The wing halves glued together and mounted to the fuselage with a mounting tab to the front and a screw in the back.


The EDFs were balanced and didn't need any adjusting or balancing. Mini connectors were conveniently mounted on the control horns for the pushrods to easily attach to.  Much of the discussion and demonstration in the videos includes the installation of  optional flaps and gears.  Dynam has begum selling this kit with electric retractable gear for just a couple of bucks more.  The retractable gear really help the appearance of the model in flight and having them factory mounted is probably worth the trouble.


The video ended up a little longer than I had originally planned.  It is divided into three sections -- unpacking and fuselage construction, flaps and retract installation, and final assembly.


Part 1 Unpacking and fuselage construction



Part 2 Flaps and retract installation



Part 3 Final Assembly





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