What’s this about?

The RC Plane Views blog is a place chat about some of the things going on in my little corner of RC model airplane hobby.  Feel free to comment.  I’m big into learning from the experiences of others.

This blog and the associated web site have the goal that includes a little play on words.  The ‘views’ in RC Plane Views is for both views (as in pictures) and views (as in opinions). I’ve been involved with RC aircraft for the last 10 years..  All of that experience is in the area of electric airplanes.

While my modeling experience is short compared to some, my aviation experience goes back a little longer.  It’s been over 30 years since graduating from USAF pilot training.  The top picture is the traditional dunking for ones first solo.  For the following 20 years I had the opportunity to fly a couple of different aircraft and spend several assignments as an instructor pilot. The bottom picture occurs those 20 years later at what is known as a fini flight.  It, too, involves water.  I think sharing knowledge is part of my personality so the web and blog will be a good outlet.


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  1. Ralph Morris says:

    Hi Jim; I just discovered your interesting blog! You do a good job of keeping it a secret.

    I received the latest “Prop Nut” newsletter this morning, and I was curious about the “mail to:” address being at rcplaneviews.com, so I copied the URL to my browser, and there you were, interviewing Byron Clark.

    You are admirably prolific, and I am now a fan.


  2. Terry Rzesnoski says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I am aged 64 and was briefly in RC back in the 60’s. got my oldest son into it, in his teens (in the 90’s). I crashed one of his planes when I tried to fly it. Thought about getting into it while I still could and read about the EZ on RC Groups. I don’t like building but thought I would enjoy flying if I could keep something together long enough to learn again. I now have the Magister RTF, with a Multiplex Acromaster Brushless Power Pack This was recommended by a HITEC rep at the Pheonix Electric Flight in the Stadium, April 2008 sponsored by HITEC. I feel, now, this wasn’t a really good choice as it likely should have a 10X6 Prop rather than the 11X5.5 it came with and is good for Max. 15 second WO bursts.(Maidened by my son this past Sat. with the 11X5.5 (2X11.1X2200)and it flew Ok.)I have a Mini Mag 80% complete, with the Hitec brushless 28-2000KV. I am waiting for a Float Set, on backorder for two months. A new EZ with Arc 28-37-3. I haven’t flown since April of 2008, until the EZ went in the air this month. Fortunately I have my Son to do the trimming and use his G4.
    The MM and Magistery will be my intro duction to “Full House” with trainer cord.
    This started out to say thanks for the time you took to put your Info. together to share with others like myself! I enjoyed reading your reviews as they seemed honest, as opposed to some, where they seem to want to say only things that will bring more free(?) models coming their way?!
    From Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
    AKA “KaptainKrunch” RC Groups.
    (Wife and I visted AZ for a week last April, our first time, and very much enjoyed it!)

  3. Steve says:

    I’m thinking of a brushless upgrade for my Twinstar II. Are you still pleased with the upgrade that you recently did?

  4. Steve Miller says:


    Thanks for letting me fly your nice airplanes today !

    Steve Miller

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