Tower Hobbies is one of the powerhouses of online RC modeling. With a couple of distribution centers, I find that I can get my orders within a week.

Their web site is comprehensive although a bit laborious to move around in. With the thousands of products and other areas of the RC hobby represented, however, some of that is understandable.

I've been a member of their preferred buyers club. What that got me is more mailings along with some discounts on selected products. It also provided free standard shipping on purchases over $150. If you have a purchases over that limit in mind, you’ll recover the cost on the second buy.

I’ve only had to call customer service once. In that case, a bottle of CA leaked and I wanted a replacement. The shipping folks had it wrapped individually so the other items in the box weren’t damaged. The rep was apologetic and had a replacement in the mail right way. No muss no fuss.

With a great selection and fast delivery, Tower gets a fair percentage of my hobby dollars.


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