BP Hobbies, formerly Balsa Products, has a comprehensive product selection via its web site. The site is easy to navigate and most items have a decent description.

 I like the fact that in the case of models, the related items and stock status are listed on the same page. For things like motors etc, the product page listed optional or recommended items such as prop collets, ESCs, extra shafts, etc.

I've emailed BPs customer support on a couple of occasions and gotten a response back in a day or two. In both cases, I was seeking advice on the selection of a product and the advice met the need.

In a couple of areas, BP brands products as their own at competative prices. One such area is motors. They have a line of BP motors that appear to be Suppo brands with BP stickers. I have a couple and they work well and have been a good value.

My BP packages show up within 3 - 4 days and are well packed and complete.


If you register with them they'll send you a "Website Update" message every 4 weeks or so, not bombard you with junk every other day.


Visit BP Hobbies now. 


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