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The F-22 depron or fan fold foam model from internet plans from tomhe is a fun-flying model with a mid-mount motor.

 The model simply moves out at about half to three-quarter throttle when released from a wingtip grip. Not a toss, a release. More on that later.

The F-22 flies very slowing at low throttle settings and move about smartly at high power settings. This slow speed flight allows the pilot to bring the F-22 down low and slow and simply let it plop down on the runway. This minimizes the chance of breaking a prop during landing.

One of the things I really like with this model is the sound it makes while airborne. While not the whine of an EDF the prop nose will turn heads at the field. After solving the slow roll problem I discuss in the build log article, the F-22 performs admirably.  Roll rates are brisk but not blinding. The F-22 rolls nicely around the longitudinal axis. Pitch control is awesome. The tabs built into the elevons that extend into the propwash add considerable turning moment to the airplane. At moderate speeds, a hard pull on the elevators result in more of a back flip than a loop.  The F-22 will completely rotate around the lateral axis within almost the length of the plane itself. A normal loop will require gentle stick inputs to prevent the back flip loop. Even with a small out-runner motor, the F-22 has great vertical performance. It can be out of sight very quickly.

Here are some of this model's vital statistics:


Motor BP Hobbies 2212- 6 turn
Battery 1550 mAh 11.1v Lipo
Amps 18.4
Watts 175
Prop APC 6X4

Launching these depron mid-mount motor airplanes is open to some debate and technique. With the prop spinning amidships, the typical toss is not an option; same with the underhand toss from a top grip. The chance of getting your fingers nipped is just too great. As I mentioned above, I’ve found that holding the F-22’s wing tip near the carbon fiber spare and letting fly out of your hand works best. The down side to this is that you’ll need to get your hand on the stick quickly and gently. I’ve had a couple of PIOs on launch. (That is pilot induced oscillations.) With another jet under constructions I’m thinking about a launch ramp made from PVC pipe. The power of the plane should negate the need for a bungee.

The thread on this model on EZone is quite lengthy and filled with advice on building and power systems. The F-22 is a cool looking depron jet.


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