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As you will probably note from the number of Multiplex models reviewed below, I am a real fan of Multiplex. I taught myself to fly with a Multiplex EasyStar and found the Elapor foam so resilent that I was sold. I've had some spectacular crashes with several of their models and in almost every case, the model has lived to fly again. If you are a beginner or tend to be a little accident prone, you've got to try a Multiplex model.


Funjet_1 Gemini_fr
mag_1 DSC_0992


The Multiplex Magister was my first large model with wheels! It is a 40-size trainer that comes in an RTF kit with radio and geared 680 motor. In its kit form it can take several brushless electric motors or a .25 to .32 glow motor.

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mini mag

Multiplex’s Mini Mag or Mini Magister, is one of the latest additions to my hangar. The Elapor foam model has just a couple of pieces and a full set of hardware. Like all Elapor models, it goes together with CA.

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Cub 2

Multiplex’s Pico Cub is definitely a park flyer. The little three channel trainer is slow and gentle needing only a little room to fly, yet large enough to fly at your club field on a calm day.

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The Multiplex Space Scooter is a quick fun model that grew from the older version called Sky Scooter. One of Multiplex Elapor foam models, it is durable and therefore a good choice for a newbie. My Space Scooter was my first 4 channel plane (I chose to add the rudder). It comes in both RTF (Ready to Fly) and kit form.

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DSC 0125

I got my Twinjet after noticing they were going on special. I suspected that they were going to be discontinued in favor of the new Multiplex Funjet. Since the price was right and I’ve regretted not getting a couple of other models as they were going out of production I got one.

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