Multiplex Models

As you will probably note from the number of Multiplex models reviewed below, I am a real fan of Multiplex. I taught myself to fly with a Multiplex EasyStar and found the Elapor foam so resilent that I was sold. I've had some spectacular crashes with several of their models and in almost every case, the model has lived to fly again. If you are a beginner or tend to be a little accident prone, you've got to try a Multiplex model.


Funjet_1 Gemini_fr
mag_1 DSC_0992

dsc 0283a

One of the disappointing things about the Twinstar II was its power. It always took a while to gain speed and spent a fair amount of time at high throttle settings to fly fast enough to have energy to get over-the-top. As the stock Speed 400 motors got older, things only got worse. Only one thing to do – upgrade!

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