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Flyzone marketed the Millenium Master for a couple of years in both red and blue color schemes.  Now the Millenium Master is out under the Tower Hobbies brand in the blue livery.

The Master is a great little sport flyer that fits easily into the back seat of your car making it a good little "anytime" flyer. It has a 41 inch wing span and is 38 inches long. It has a 37 millimeter, 1000kV motor and comes with a 35 amp ESC. It handles a 1800mAh to 2200 mAh 3-cell battery easily.

The Master is a snappy little sport flyer. It will do all the typical aerobatics and can cruise around in the 50 - 60 mph range with the stock prop. I've found it to be a great practice plane for touch and go landings. It needs a little power coming in and with a smooth final power reduction in the flare, I can consistently roll it onto the club's asphalt runway. On the other hand, a bungled approach and poor power control can result in a balloon or stall on landing and the inevitable hard landing or ground loop. 

As you can see in the videos from my RCPlaneviews.com YouTube channel, the build is easy and fast. I've also got a couple of flying videos. One includes some in-flight video taken with my little RunCam action camera.









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