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The Starmax A-1 Sky Raider is one of the new batch of really big foam models on the market these days.  I got this model from Banana Hobby.  The it comes in two color schemes.  One is a grey Navy scheme modeled after an A-1 that is part of the Planes of Fame collection of flying classic warbirds. The other comes in a green Southeast Asia camophlage scheme with Air Force markings.

The model has a huge 63 inch wingspan and comes with electric retracts, operable speed brakes and flaps.  You'll need a seven channel radio and reciever to get everything to work.  It also came with a Starmax brand 2.4 Ghz radio and receiver.

I decided to do a video build log of the A-1.  That process added a lot of time to the assembly.  Without that it would have gone together pretty easily.


Starmax A-1 A-1 on the tarmac


There are a couple of things you should consider before starting the assembly.  First, read through the thread over at RC Groups.  There are  a lot of good tips to make the build a success.  Second, you'll need a servo reverser and flap servo speed controlled (or a combo product) to get the flaps working correctly.  If you have a newer 8 or more channel radio, you may be able to accomplish that programming in the radio. Last, you'll want to find yourself a pilot.  The model is about a 1/10th scale model so that should get you on the right track.  I put in a 1/8th scale Williams Brothers pilot that works OK -- better than an empty cockpit in my opinion.


Here are a few more pictures for the A-1. 


Speed Brakes Open A-1 Head On
Pilot Pilot Head On


Here are the video build logs.  I hope you enjoy them.  There are three parts.  Part one describes the model and shows the pieces as they come out of the box.  Part two shows the wing assembly and Part three shows final assembly and wiring.


Click the full screen icon in the player for the best view of the assembly.


Part One


Part Two



 Part Three




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