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 The Dynam T-28 Trojan is a popular version of an equally popular model. The 50 inch wingspan and 39 inch length make it OK for a park flyer and great for a club field.  The model comes with electric retracts and optional flaps.  The RTF version also includes a radio and receiver.

I purchased theT-28 on sale for abut $110 including shipping. It arrived at my door step within a week but sat for a while as I was finishing up another project.  I chose the grey Navy version of the T-28 if for no other reason than to be a little different from all the red and white T-28s at my flying field.


T-28 T-28



I decided to do a video build log of the assembly and have included it below.  I also have some photos of the finished model. The user thread for the Dynam T-28 over at RC Groups has some helpful hints to make your assembly process go smoothly as well as some set-up tips which at a minimum might help you with what to expect during your initial flight. The most commented upon item is to shim the motor a little to give it a more down and right thrust vector.

I added the optional flaps which, due to the servos added a little weight to the advertised weight.  I've only got a couple of flights on it as I found it a little under powered and will be taking the advise of the folks on the thread and have some 4-cell lipos on order.


I have several Dynam planes and I'm quite impressed with the quality overall.  Here are a few more photos and the build log.  Part One of the build log covers assembling the tail, Part Two deals with the flaps and other wing assembl and Part Three discusses the final assembly and some cockpit hatch tricks I've used with other similar models.


T-28 T-28
DSC_2611_2 T-28 pilots


Use the full screen icon on the player to better see the assembly.


Part One


 Part Two


Part Three





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