On a recent European trip we were coming down the mountain into Innsbruck Austria. I noticed a couple of neat airplanes flying at the Innsbruck airport. They were motorgliders manuevering to land in a very idealic setting. After a little research I discovered that the planes were Super Dimonas.  I found a couple of vendors handling the model and placed an order.

The Taft Hobby Dornier Do-27 is a big STOL tail dragger that certainly turns heads at the field! The model comes in three different color schemes including a Zebra-striped African version, a red and white civilian version and a military camo version.

The Starmax A-1 Sky Raider is one of the new batch of really big foam models on the market these days.  I got this model from Banana Hobby.  The it comes in two color schemes.  One is a grey Navy scheme modeled after an A-1 that is part of the Planes of Fame collection of flying classic warbirds. The other comes in a green Southeast Asia camophlage scheme with Air Force markings.

Flyzone marketed the Millenium Master for a couple of years in both red and blue color schemes.  Now the Millenium Master is out under the Tower Hobbies brand in the blue livery.


My first electric ducted fan or EDF was a homebuilt model using depron. You can read about it here on RCPlaneviews. What I wanted to try this time was a molded foam EDF so the search was on.