FMS 2000MM Beaver

This giant Beaver is a real crowd pleaser and a great flying airplane!

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 Welcome to RC PlaneViews! The purpose of this site is to provide you with reviews and opinions on some of the products used in RC flying -- primarily electric flight. you may be interested in adding osme of these items to your RC hobby inventory or maybe avoiding!.

There are many sources available for you. The niche we're hoping to fill is a source in between the "professional" reviews available in magazines and their affiliated web sites and the quick "love or hate" comments in the various news groups and discussion boards. My reviews and comments are my own based on my experiences or first hand conversations with other users.

Reviews and comments in RC Model Views are by users for users. The timing of the reviews aren't rushed. We look for reviews on a variety of products after the user has had a chance to actually use them, not just fly a test flight. While first impression reviews have their place for those interested in the latest and greatest new release, many of us are willing to wait and see how other users assess the product over time.

If you're interested in contributing to the community's knowledge, please review the contribution process.


RCPlaneviews has a new look! I hope you like the new style of the website. All articles have been reviewed, some reformatted and visual aspects of the site have been updated.






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